[age, aging, years, and time]

[age, aging, years, and time]

I was writing a comment on Bill Grandi’s blog and thought about something.

If someone asks you, “How old are you?”… What is your reaction?

Not sure about the US (after all, I gotta be Ukrainian once in a while), but over here it is almost impolite to ask a lady about her age. They avoid the question at all cost – rolling their eyes, asking “How old do you think I am?” (Basically asking for the person who asks to tell lies because you cannot really tell the lady how old she looks like)…

As for me, I am always happy to answer that question (whenever I remember how old I am, anyway – it takes time for me to get used to the fact that birthdays mean getting a year older :D)

I am 24 years or 8830 days old (here’s a handy calculator for counting the days / hours / minutes). I am happy to be given every day of those 24 years. There were lots of great days, there were a fair share of good days, and there were bad days, but I am still thankful for each day. If it was a great / good day, I enjoyed it to the fullest. If it was a bad day, I tried to find something I could learn from the reasons the day was bad, and as a result, looking back, I cannot say I had that many truly bad days.

It is funny to notice that kids usually try to be older: “I am almost six!” – “How old are you now?” – “Three!”

The older people, on the other hand, usually try to appear younger. “I am forty.” – “Really?” – “Well, going to turn 41 in a week, but I am 40.”

Also, a lot of people complain about their age, but truly – how many of those who complain that they are 60 years old would like to die when they were just 20? If you want to live a long life prepare for the fact that you’ll get older as the life goes on.

What do you think about this?

(And I am aware that I may have touched a sore subject for many – but I appreciate all kinds of feedback – if you feel that I am wrong – tell me – I promise I won’t delete your comment or put you in a black list ;-))

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