[Kyiv Views]

[Kyiv Views]

Since I do not feel like writing anything smart or witty right now (odd day at work), I will just share a few pictures from the usual days of Kyiv life.

This picture below is the old downtown (the cultural one) called Podol. The street that I was walking down when I took this picture is called Vladimir’s descent and this is the road the Slavic people were marched down to the Dnieper river to be baptized back in 988AD.

This is a view from the Vladimir’s hill on Easter morning (before the sunrise, around 5:30AM) last Sunday. All the bridges are lit up and it creates great reflections on the water of the river.

The sunrise on Easter Sonday. It was quite an experience. In 15 years that we have been gathering together at this Vladimir’s Hill, we never had rain on Easter morning. This Easter, we got out from the bus and realized that it is raining. “Bummer” we thought since sunrise service without a sunrise… is not as fun.

When we came to the gazebo, we saw that there is a little tiny clear line between the gloomy and sad rain clouds and the horizon. As we stood under the dripping rain watching the skyline, someone said loudly, “Hey, LOOK! There is the Sun!”

Indeed, the Sun was majestically rising. It was amazing – on one hand, the rain did not stop, on the other – the Sun was shining! It was an amazing experience. As I watched that nature play, I thought that sometimes our lives are just like that – we might be experiencing some trials, but if we only look to the horizon, we will see the Sun shining, bring with it a hope of tomorrow.

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