[honey & cinnamon]

[honey & cinnamon]

I have been thinking about little things today. Michael Perkins wrote about little things on his blog (check his post here) and it stuck in my mind.

Yesterday, I was feeling really sick. I have been sort of sick on and off for the last two weeks, but I guess the tiredness made it worse. After the Sunrise service we went straight to Church and had the 11AM service and when it is worship time… I cannot stand silent. So I played my bass and sang…

After a few songs, I realized that my voice is fading away. So I listened to a couple of songs, just playing the guitar and trying not to hum because it only hurt my throat worse. It was also a good experience because there’s nothing better than to stand and listen as people unite their voices in praise to God.

In the evening, after the celebration, I took a couple-hour nap and when I woke up I realized that my lungs feel really odd. Not too bad, but sort of the feeling when you actually feel every part of your lungs. I was chatting with a friend of mine in Skype and complained to him that it hurts. He said I should take some tea with honey and cinnamon.

T: Ask for holidays and go somewhere to take a break. Do you have some honey? Some of it with cinnamon will help you.
Me: There’s no one to get me some and I don’t want to get up.
T: Lazy!
Me: Not lazy, sore.
T: Do you want me to bring you some?
Me: Sure.
T: Do not provoke me, ‘cause I will do it! You do not know what a Latino is willing to do to save the lungs of a friend!
Me: Well, I am not against finding out 🙂
T: We need to go and buy the honey and the cinnamon and then we take the metro.
Me: Should i warn my mom that i might have visitors?
T: Well, I must go now, because we have an emergency and I need to deliver some honey and cinnamon to someone special who needs it.

The conversation was complete with laughing smileys and tongue-in-cheek joking. However, after that last message, I noticed that my friend’s Skype status became “AWAY” and I got a text message from another guy who is staying with my friend currently “What’s your address? We will be there in about an hour.”

I wrote back, “Guys, just to make sure – I was joking!”

My friend came back online in Skype, “Got you!”

Today, when we met for coffee, we kept joking about honey and cinnamon. Another friend of ours who was with us kept asking “What is so special about honey and cinnamon?” We just laughed.

As I was going home, I grinned and thought that I actually do not doubt that if I really needed honey and cinnamon (or whatever), my friends would not hesitate to help me out. And maybe honey and cinnamon would seem like a small thing for others, for me it was one of the proofs that small things we do for others really do matter.

Have you had any “honey & cinnamon” little things lately?

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