[the day starts at night]

[the day starts at night]

Sometimes I have what I call “RTA” – Random Thought Attacks. I was getting out from shower when for some reason I thought of the fact that for Jews the day starts when the Sun goes down. As I shared that with one of my friends, she told me “Well, our days start at 12:00AM too.” Last night I shared this idea with mom and expanded on the imagery.

Our days technically start with night. Then, the Sun rises and the actual day starts.

Sunrise from my apartment

When God created everything, it was the beginning of the day but it was still dark. People waited for the gentle lamb of the dawn to come and shine the light onto their surroundings. There were moon that reflected the Sun’s light and there were stars that were sort of like the Sun, only they did not provide life. It was the Old Testament time.

Then the Sun arose.

What has been dark was lit up. What was cold was warmed up. What was dull was given a chance to reflect his light and sparkle.

Same happened when Jesus came down to us. I have already quoted yesterday that He said He was the light of the world (John 8:12). Not only he said that he was the light of the world, but he also told his disciples they are the light of the world, too (Matthew 5:14). We have been living in the darkness and now we are called to be the light. We were cold, but His love warms us up.

The day has come. The real day has come.

Enjoy the sunrise tomorrow 😉

Vladimirskaya Gorka (Vladimir's Hill)

short note regarding the pictures: the top picture is a photo of sunrise from my apartment – every so often i wake up early enough to see the sunrise and to snap a couple of pictures before waddling to shower. the bottom picture is where i am going to see the sunrise tomorrow – we have been getting together at this Vladimir’s Hill gazebo for over 15 years every Easter morning. the view from there overlooks the left bank of Dnieper river as well as vast portion of the right bank (Kyiv is divided in half by Dnieper river)

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