[it happened one thursday]

[it happened one thursday]

He took some bread and gave thanks to God for it. Then he broke it in pieces and gave it to the disciples, saying, “This is my body, which is given for you. Do this to remember me.”

Luke 22:19

Breaking the Bread - By Zee

A few years ago, as I was standing in Church listening to those words read just before Communion, I noticed something that I have never noticed before.

He gave thanks. Jesus gave thanks before breaking the bread that symbolized the breaking of His body.

He knew that the pain he would have to go through has a reason and that, I believe, was what gave Him the strength to say “Thanks.”

Ever since then, I have been teaching myself to give thanks even for troubles. Sometimes I still complain and grumble, sometimes I still get angry with Him, but I have found that with time it becomes more of a useful habit to look up to Him instead of looking down to the problems and becomes easier.

This Thursday before Easter is called a “Clean Thursday” over here. In just a couple of hours, we will gather together at my Church to eat the Passover meal. We will have the traditional Jewish Peisah meal as well as have Communion, uniting those two celebrations together.

Do you give thanks for the troubles in your life? Care to share an experience you had that you can look back at now and see how God used the bad in that situation for good later?

  • Great insight! I strive to give thanks in all things. Not always successfully.

    I believe the struggles in life are an opportunity to grow our faith and dependence on God. As such, I praise Him for the bad times.

    • amen. they are definitely opportunities.

      our former youth pastor used to say that we should view the problems as challenges… challenges to grow and to learn…

      btw, i added to the question in the end…

  • I wish I could say yes i do but I would be lying. I am trying to do that because I know God is in complete, sovereign control. On the side: I would like to hear more about "Clean thursday" and other cultural things you do during this time of the year. Aaannnnddd I might even be nice if you do. 🙂

    • heh… cultural things… you gotta keep in mind that back in the old days, Kievan Rus state (that was one of the biggest "countries" on this side of the pond) was pagan before prince Vladimir decided to make all people here Christians back in 988AD. the intention was good, but the way to do it wasn't smart… so a lot of our traditions are basically syncretism. which, in turn, is the reason why i discard a lot of our traditions.

      regarding today: it is called Clean Thursday because Jesus washed His disciples' feet and in some Orthodox Churches (as well as in our Nazarene Church over here) we have that tradition… also, besides washing feet, it was usually a time for cleaning the houses, preparing everything for the Easter Sunday (since no work can really be done on Passion Friday and on saturday… on Friday, it just doesn't feel right, and entire Saturday is busy with food preparation…)…

      you're nice already 🙂

  • Hi there. Found you on Dusty's blog. Wow, what a great point. I was just talking about this with my husband who was complaining about some trouble at work. It's so hard to be thankful, but God is using that very thing to make us more like Him. In that, I find great hope and peace.

    • hey, great to see you here! welcome! 🙂

      our God is an amazing God. it never ceases to astound me how He can use bad things for His (and ours) good!

      *hugs* thanks for stopping by and hoping to see ya here more often 🙂

  • Linda M

    Hi Zee,
    You said,
    Do you give thanks for the troubles in your life? Care to share an experience you had that you can look back at now and see how God used the bad in that situation for good later?
    i don't think I have ever seen God use bad to get to good. I have seen God do miracles and deliver me and others from bad situations. I was really sick in 2006 with gallbladder problems. I had complications in surgery and was severely anemic after surgery for about 2 months. I didn't really worry about it. I guess I felt or believed that God would provide in some way and he did. My red blood cells started working properly and within a month or so I was completely back to normal.

    • yep, God also does miracles 🙂

      glad that He worked in your situation with the surgery.

  • Linda M

    hi Zee,
    you said,
    Do you give thanks for the troubles in your life?

    I don't give thanks for the troubles in my life. But I do thank God for the way he seems to work in my troubles. For example, you know that I am currently going through my legal matter of division of property and spousal support with my former husband. I believe that I see how God has used this time that I have spent in this legal battle to refine me, give me more skills in communicating, and i believe that God has actually helped me to discern and understand some of the trickery that has gone on by my former husband and his counsel. I don't think I am doing this task by myself. I think God has intervened several times for me over the past 3 years. I think God is using me somehow in this particular circumstance that I am in. he might be getting me ready for something that is down the road a ways. Time will tell.

    • right. i guess what i meant by that question is that it is often when we have troubles that is the time when we really start relying on God (at least, i have to confess that on my part…)… during the good times, yes, we praise God for the good times… but when a problem comes, it becomes a trigger for us to really reconsider our lives and how we live. and the troubles make us see our blessings in a completely different way.

      i guess the way i see it is similar to fasting… when you just have food every day, you say "Thank you, God, for this food, bless it to our bodies…" etc. But when you don't eat for a day even and then in the evening you sit down to share a meal with friends, oooooh, the food has a completely different taste – rich, delicious, ahhh…. wonderful.

      but yes, i agree with you 100% that God has a way to work in our troubles.

  • Linda M

    Hi Zee,
    I read your post on your graduation! Wow 5 years. That's a long time to be a student. I think I know of one thing that has been a real blessing for you. The internet and all of the information that is at your fingertips. I think the internet has been a blessing for many christians. I use it for family law research. I've just become a recent blogger with Cycleguy. So glad I found you guys. I think God had something to do with this.

    • yeah, i really want to continue the education (well, formal one, since i do learn every day)… i love studying. there's something in it when you sit and listen to someone smarter than you sharing the knowledge and all you need to do is just to listen and remember.

      internet is a great thing, but more often it was a hindrance to my education since it offered way too many distractions 😀 same with blessing for Christians – i view it as something we have to be careful about. sometimes there's too much information that is hurtful instead of helpful for our growth. yet, God does use internet to connect His kids 😉

      i've been a blogger for… hmm… this is my fifth year, i think. it started as a simple diary, but has grown into a place to share my thoughts with the rest of the world. i have this blog for only a little more than a year, before i used to blog at Xanga. i guess i just outgrew the things that blog could offer. however, i am thankful for those 4 years of blogging there because i found a lot of friends through it that i keep in touch with even now.

      thanks for the feedback!! 🙂


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