[post-graduation day]

[post-graduation day]

I got my diploma today.

I graduated from the International Christian University (ICU) back in summer ’08. However, I never made it to the graduation because I was at my very first Chamber’s American Independence Day Picnic (and loved every second of experience). I kept reminding myself that I should go and pick up my diploma, and mom kept bugging me about it too, but it seemed like I could never spare two hours to do that during the working day.

Last Friday I found out that Jorge, my boss, is going to ICU to speak there at Perry’s Business Communication class. Perry is the teacher who started our trips to the orphanage I mentioned in one of the previous posts as well as a great friend and the one who recommended me to my admin manager two years ago.

“Um… I heard you’re going to ICU on Monday,” I told my boss.

“Yep, gonna speak at Perry’s class.”

“Can I tag along?”

“Of course.”

So today, I called my university beforehand, and when they said that I can come and pick up my diploma, I climbed into the car and to the university we went.

We were greeted by Perry who met us in the main hall and as Jorge and Perry walked and chatted about stuff, I walked in front, taking all the sights in. I never experienced such nostalgia! I needed to get a couple of signatures from the accountant and librarian (to make sure that I don’t owe anything…) and just running between the floors and wings of the building made me feel like I am back in time, a student once again.

After I picked up my diploma, I quietly sneaked into the room where Jorge was speaking and sat in the back where I could observe the students (and also two of my friends, who are freshmen in ICU this year). It was interesting to note that the students actually were listening and there wasn’t too much chatting going on. When my boss talks, it sure does inspire listening. But besides just observing others, I realized that this is something I miss – I miss learning new stuff this way.

Back when I was a student (especially the first three years), I did not like it as much. In the last two years of my studies, however, I realized that I actually do love it. Studying in a university (or school / college, for that matter) is a wonderful experience. You get to sit, listen to someone tell you something you did not know, and your brain is at use. Sure, at work I get to use my brains a lot too, but there’s a lot more pressure.

Of course, there are exams, but when the class was interesting and the teacher good, for me it was easy to pass the exams. I thrive on learning new things – maybe that is the reason I enjoy working with computers and technology – it allows me to apply what I’ve learned as well as learn new things all the time.

Heh… It was also funny… at one point of time, near the end of the class, Jorge asked if anyone had any questions. One gal asked “Are there any ICU students working at the Chamber?”

It was fun when Jorge pointed at me sitting in the back “There’s one. She came to finally pick her diploma up today. Did you get it, Zee?”


“Can you show it to us?”

I took the diploma out of my bag and held it up for everyone to see and was pleasantly surprised to be applauded.


So, yeah, that was my “post-graduation day.” It is amazing to finally have that weight off my chest (and it was great to see mom happy because I finally was “officially” educated).

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