[God answers prayers… in unexpected ways]

[God answers prayers… in unexpected ways]

When you pray for something, be ready that God will answer in a way that would not be something you have expected. My prayer this week was for God to help me learn to let things go, give them to God, and enjoy life.

God answered the prayer.

On Thursday, a friend of mine and I went for a walk during our lunch break, and since I did not want to drag my backpack with me, I just took a hundred griven (roughly $12) out of my wallet and put it into the back pocket of my jeans.

We had a great walk – the sun was shining brightly, the spring was in the air, and we had fun along the way just talking. When we got back to the office building, Masha decided that she wants to get something to munch on from the little store that we have in the building. I went with her and decided that I want an ice-cream. I got the ice-cream from the fridge, put it on the counter, and reached into the back pocket for money.


I checked my front jeans’ pockets. Same result. I tried the other back pocket. One more round of checking them all… Nothing. Obviously the bill fell out sometime during the walk. I got upset at first, because it is not a small amount of money, but then shrugged and said “Well, someone’s gonna have a good day, whoever finds that bill.” It still stung that I managed to lose the money, but I knew that I could not do anything about it and thankfully those weren’t the last money I had.

Today in the morning I went to the ATM in the morning before Church to get the tithe off my card (it was our payday on Friday), and I put it into one of the divisions of my wallet. I looked into the other part of it and there was a 100 griven bill that I got off the card the other day just so I would have some cash.

During the Church, it was the time for tithes and offerings. I put the tithe into the bag that was passed around, and then when it was time for the offerings for the children’s summer programs, I decided that since I can help the people who have a lot less than I do, I would give that hundred griven that I had in my wallet.

I reach into the wallet, into that part where I thought I had that 100 griven bill, I take it out, and realize…

There’s another 100 griven bill inside one I took out.

Amazing. That was just so surprising – I did not remember when I took any money off my card and I didn’t even expect to find another bill there… yet, there is was. (Now as I was writing this entry, I did remember the other ATM machine on Friday night, but it completely escaped my mind… I was sure that I had only 100 griven, not 200)…

The lessons to learn:

1. When you pray for God to help you learn to give everything to Him, He chooses fun ways of doing it. Like me and letting go of 100 griven that I lost.

2. God also chooses creative ways to reward for sharing with those in need – yeah, I would’ve discovered that other bill in my wallet sooner or later, but it was kind of cool to discover it as I was taking the money for the offering. I felt like God was saying, “See, Zee? I promised I would take care of you. And I will continue to take care of you, no matter what happens. So share My blessings with others and I’ll give you more to share.”

Yes, I realize that it would not always be like this when rewards follow right after the deed, and that the best reward will be after this life. Yet, these little reminders of His loving kindness put a grin on my face.

So, yeah. This was my little story of this week. God’s got a great sense of humor.

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