[one week]

[one week]

It is one week from Good Friday (who came with the idea that this is a Good Friday? Well, at least in English… in Russian we call it the Passion Friday, which makes more sense to me… but, those are just the side thoughts)

Glenn Carter (Jesus Christ Superstar)For some reason, I have been listening almost non-stop to Jesus Christ Superstar this week. I think I have listened to it probably about 10 or more times. If one counts how many times have I listened / watched it in my life, it would be well over a hundred (and that number does not include all the times when I sang it myself… since I think by now I know all the lyrics)… Seriously. I love this rock opera. I first heard it back in 1999. I was sick at home and I was digging through the piles of the audio tapes we had that our missionaries have left us. As I realized what the songs were about, I listened to the tape nonstop… until the tape ripped. I was mourning the loss for a couple of days and then learned how to fix tapes.

Once again I ramble off. I was thinking about the good parts from JCS and the ideas that I do not agree with.

One of the main things I disagree with is that they don’t show resurrection. The last episode in the movie shows the people leaving the stage and… that is it. There is no Good News in Jesus Christ Superstar. The king dies and… and that is it.

The Sunday without Friday would not have the reason for joy. The Friday without Sunday would be terrible and useless.

I can’t wait until the Easter Sunday. There were 17 Easter Sundays in my life and I am looking forward to the 18th one. But there were also 17 Good Fridays. Easter Sunday would not be so filled with joy if not for Good [Passion] Friday.

It gives me strength every time I think of it. It gives me strength to persevere in tough life situations – after Fridays when everything is terrible comes Sonday when the new life is given.

One week till the great morning.

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