[bless and you will be blessed]

[bless and you will be blessed]

A young pastor was sitting in a restaurant eating lunch. He opened a letter he’d just received that morning from his mom. As he opened it a twenty-dollar bill fell out. He thought to himself, Thanks, Mom, I sure needed that right now.

As he finished his feel, he noticed a beggar outside on the sidewalk leaning against the light post. Thinking that the poor man could probably use the twenty dollars more than he, he crossed out the names on the envelope and wrote across the top in large letters, PERSEVERE!

So as not to make a scene, he put the envelope under his arm and dropped it as he walked past the man. The man picked it up and read the message and smiled.

The next day, as the pastor enjoyed his meal, the same man tapped him on the shoulder and handed him a big wad of bills. Surprised, the young pastor asked him what that was for. The man replied, “This is your half of the winnings. Persevere came in first in the fourth race at the track yesterday and paid thirty to one.”

I have read this story this morning and had to grin. In the light of recent debates about tithing, sharing our time and resources, and other thoughts that have been on my mind, this funny story was quite appropriate.

When we use what we have (time, money, knowledge, anything) for His purposes, the outcomes often are not what we have expected. Oh, there were so many times when I was immensely blessed from situations where I just gave. One of the examples of such times is the trips to a kids’ orphanage.

Back in September 2007, a friend of mine asked me if I had any plans for the coming Saturday. I said, “Nope. What’s up?” She mentioned that a teacher of ours was getting a group of students together to go to a children’s orphanage and if I was interested, I could join them. I said “Sure.”

When I was going there for the first time, I went to be a blessing for those kids. 8 hours later when we were leaving (the orphanage is an hour away from Kyiv), I realized that I am not sure who was blessed more 🙂 It felt just like in that story above.

Tomorrow we are getting together again to go to that kids’ place. It has been a year since I was there (even though before that, I went every month), the team, however, continued going there. I can’t wait. I talked to one of the girls from the orphanage on the phone and I was amazed when she mentioned that she and a couple of other kids are graduating this summer. WOW! Time flies…

Oh, I so want Saturday to come.

If you want to check out our adventures at the Kids’ Place, click here for our blog (working on moving the blog to WordPress, but for now it’s a Xanga).

(Oh, yeah… and I forgot one more blessing that came out from our trips – I got my job. My teacher was at the Chamber and showed the blog I created for the Kids’ Place… and soon after I got a job as a web-content / e-publications coordinator which i have been enjoying for soon-to-be 2 years.)

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