[a taste of Ukraine]

[a taste of Ukraine]

I decided to let you get a glimpse of the country where I am from: Ukraine.

Some visitors of this blog have seen this with their own eyes, some did not have a chance, so it will be a reminder / an experience.

The pictures were all taken by me last year in Pirogovo where I went with a friend of mine. It used to be outside of Kyiv, but these days it’s part of Kyiv and not even the remotest.

There are a lot of windmills in that museum. Being the breadbasket of Europe, Ukraine needed a lot of windmills to process the grain.

Since my friend and I went to Pirogovo during a weekend when there was a fair, we got a chance to see people in the traditional Ukrainian costumes.

There was a lot of stuff to buy, too. Ukrainian craftsmanship is amazing.

Accordion is one of the traditional musical instruments over here.

And our people love to sing.

The proof that I was there 🙂 (not that I really blend in with the environment, but that’s an entirely different matter)

Windmills in perspective.

A man playing on kobza – now THIS is the REAL Ukrainian deal. The Ukrainian bards played on kobza and were called kobzars (literally: a kobza player)

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