[the spring is coming. i believe it.]

[the spring is coming. i believe it.]

It is 18th of March and yet in Kyiv, Ukraine it is still snowing.

The only entertainment today was the snow that was falling up. Seriously – I have witnesses, an office-full. I do not know what it looked like from the ground floor, but from 15th floor view, the snow was falling up – maybe it was tired of earth and eager to return to its home! Heh…

As I was trying to talk my brain and body into working, I looked at my “eternal” calendar. The Bible verse did not seem appropriate for the day – you know how sometimes you read the verse and feel “Wow that was direct!” It wasn’t one of those times… at first.

After some time, I reread the verse (yeah, I like re-reading stuff) and thought that it, actually, was right on spot.

I do believe, but help me overcome my unbelief!

Mark 9:24

I am so tired of this perpetual whiteness outside of my window that the hope for spring is vanishing. There was a brief time, about a week, when we thought “YES! Here comes spring!” We were so happy… and then one morning we woke up to another white world dawn.

As I looked outside the window today, looking at those odd snowflakes floating up and about, I thought that this situation is very much alike our Christian journeys.

I have been listening to audio-drama Bible during the last few days on my iPod, mostly concentrating on Paul’s writings. He believed that Christ will come soon. We believe the same thing, yet we live 2,000 years after Paul’s time. This is the winter time for the Church, sometimes warmer, sometimes colder. We believe that spring will come, yet the longer the winter stays the harder it gets to believe that something like spring will come.

In my life, this will be 24th spring. You’d think I’d learn that after winter comes spring, no matter how cold it gets sometimes. Nonetheless, I caught myself thinking “What it would be like to wear just a t-shirt? What it would be like not to think ‘How many layers of clothes I would need today?’”

I have seen / felt / experienced springs and summers, yet after 5 months of snowy winter (this has been the snowiest winter in the last 50 years), it is hard to believe that the spring will come again.

Silly, eh?

Yet, apply it to your life. We do believe that Jesus is coming back, but there’s this little monster of doubt between our ears that nags us. “What if that Second Coming was just an empty promise? What if He went home and forgot about you? What if you will not get there?”

I want to join the father of the sick boy and say “I do believe, but help me overcome my unbelief!”

And the spring will come, both physical and spiritual.

He is coming.

(The picture has been taken last year by me in the
open-air Ukrainian Art and Culture museum Pirogovo)

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