[the rewards of blogging]

[the rewards of blogging]

This post has been inspired by Michael Perkins. Visit his blog for great insights and thought-provoking posts.

My blogging experience has been quite an adventure. In October 2009, my first blog celebrated its four year birthday. This is my third blog (I imported the previous entries…)

The main purpose and reason why I began this journey was to write and share my thoughts. I find writing cathartic. Firstly, it helps you to free your mind from the thoughts that are not unlike busy buzzy bees that bother your brain. Secondly, it helps you to sort the thoughts. Thirdly, by blogging, you can get feedback from other people and toss ideas around. I have been immensely blessed by all three aspects of writing.

Another reward was briefly mentioned above, but I wanted to pay more attention to it. Feedback and making friends. It is truly amazing! In my five years of blogging, I have established a few friendships that have been growing outside of the blog sphere. One time, I got an Ohio Bucks’ Teddy Bear for Christmas from a friend whom I met on Xanga. We have never met, but reading about each other’s life, struggles, and ponderings has made us feel closer than across the vast ocean. I have many friends all over the world – from Hong Kong to California – and a lot of them I have met online.

When I have spare time, I like re-reading my posts going back a year at a time. It is great to see the changes that happened in a year. There are answers to prayers, there is growth, and there are different situations… It is awesome to go back and see how God has influenced my life, where I have been and where I am right now.

When I have started my first blog, I was website illiterate. Step by step, because I can be a bit OCD with details, I have learned to tweak the html and design to fit my needs. Little did I know that this tweaking, these tiny steps would be the thing that God would use to give me my job which I very much enjoy. I look back now and I grin, thinking of how I started out. Now I am an owner of two websites, a couple of work blogs, and a soon-to-be-launched online business network (and that’s just the job, I don’t mention my own blogs…). Somehow I also managed to become the “owner” of the soon-to-be website of the Church of the Nazarene in Ukraine.

We shall see what I will be saying in another 4 years. I am looking forward to it.

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