[Fiddler on the Roof]

[Fiddler on the Roof]

“I know, we are the chosen people, but once in a while, can’t you choose someone else?”

Tevye, the milkman (Fiddler on the Roof)

I love how Tevye talks to God – simple, maybe a bit naïve prayers, but honest.

Fiddler on the RoofSix years ago when I was working with a team from Midland, Michigan, there was a gal who kept singing the songs from the Fiddler on the Roof. Considering her contagiously joyful personality, the songs fitted her perfectly and that’s when I thought I should watch this movie. Well, Morgan, today I finally understood what you meant 🙂 My pastor has been talking about Fiddler on the Roof for a couple of months now and that served as the last trigger to get the movie and finally watch it (since I felt like I was the only one who did not know what was going on).

In regards to the quote that I wrote in the very beginning, however, do you ever get the same feeling as Tevye got?

In the movie Evan Almighty, Evan had said something very similar which resonated in my mind when I was watching the Fiddler.

“I know, I know. You do all this because you love me. Please, Lord, love me less.”

Sometimes we are afraid of too much attention. Like a student who is shy and although he has learned the material, he doesn’t want to show that he knows it and shrinks back when the teacher calls his name out. “Why me? There’s a class full of other students.”

I said, “Here I am. Send me.”

Isaiah 6:8

Often I am tempted to pray something similar. “Here I am. Send him.” Or quote Jeremiah, “But I am just a young man!” (Well, in my case, I am just a young girl).

But God still chooses those he wants to choose and he knows exactly who can do what. He knows our strengths and even better, he knows our weaknesses and ways how he can use them to bring more glory.

Not sure if I have read that phrase somewhere or it was my original phrase… it came to me one morning as I was walking to the bus stop on my way to work.

The hammer is as strong as the hand wielding it.

For me, that meant that I can be a hammer… or some other instrument, but without someone to use me, I will be useless – just a piece of wood and steel lying on the table. If only I would allow him to use me though, I will be able to achieve a lot. Get the work done.

Here I am. Choose me. Send me. Use me.

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