[wait for me?]

[wait for me?]

Ever been in a situation when you want to draw as little attention as possible yet manage to actually do just the opposite?

We had a prayer meeting scheduled today at 7PM. I managed to get out of office at 6:30PM and did my best to get to Church in time, although I knew they would wait for me, since it was just a Church board meeting therefore not a lot of people.

I came at 7:20PM, ran up the stairs to the office, happy that I am about to meet with my friends and we will enter His presence all together… I walked into the office and realized that they were already praying. In my pastor’s office… with the doors closed.

I just stood there for a few minutes. They were praying and I did not want to interrupt, but I was at the same time so eager to join them in that prayer. I was waiting the entire day for this. We fasted the entire day to come together later in the evening to pray together. And I was excluded.

Whoa, that hurt. A couple of minutes later, I did squeeze past the door, trying to make as little noise as possible, but the moment seemed ruined. They did notice me coming in and I felt bad for distracting them from their attention to God.

I felt like I came to a birthday party and everyone was there already, right in the middle of singing “Happy Birthday” song… and here I come, and they all are torn between finishing the song and saying hi to me, because I, in effect, crashed the party.

So I just stood there. I tried to pray, but to be honest, no words came. On the way back home, Bible verse came to my mind, “Be still and know that I AM God.”

And I am trying to be still. To rest in His mighty daddy’s arms, protected and safe.

He is good and faithful.

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