[day 1]

[day 1]

All I could think about today was… “How did Brother Lawrence keep the peace of mind when everything around him was chaotic?”

It was really a commotion day today at work. In the morning, everything seemed good, I tried to focus on the more important stuff, keeping my mind off the problems (not forgetting about them, but trying to access them calmly)… and then I guess my introverted self decided that it had enough of people and noise and everything and… it just shut down.

So although I tried to encourage others, I myself was discouraged (lucky for those people who did not wash their dishes – I washed ‘em all just to get some semblance of control)…

Not giving up. It’s just the first day and I did not expect it to be easy. I guess I wasn’t prepared for the fact that it’s going to be quite as tough. Oh well.

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