[the Lesser of two Evils]

[the Lesser of two Evils]

Never before today had I experienced the phrase “choosing the lesser of two evils” more fully.

Mom went to vote earlier in the day and I decided that I am going to stay at Church for the youth group. I needed time to think. I needed to hear what my pastor’s got to say. In the end, instead of saying that our Church is not advertizing for any candidates, he said that our Church doesn’t support any of the candidates. That was a light note in all this sad opera of Ukraine’s Doom Day.

As I came close to the place where I had to vote, I prayed… Basically, the prayer consisted of “God, help me choose.” I had no idea what else to pray about. I could not bring myself to pray for the candidates, because in all honesty, I did not (and do not) want either of them.

I found the place where to receive my ballot, looked at the two names and the third option “Against all” and wondered what I should do. It was then that the whole “choosing the lesser evil” feeling came.

I knew I could not just dismiss the notion of voting and don’t vote at all. Voting “Against all”
would not give me anything either because the country would still get the president. So I chose the lesser (I hope and pray!) evil.

We will see what will happen but I suspect the next five years (and especially this year) is going to be even more turbulent for Ukraine and the economy than the year before.

As I joked with my pastor this afternoon, I really feel sorry for those remaining atheists in Ukraine. We, Christians, have God as our hope and foundation. The atheists don’t have anyone except themselves. That’s a sad place to be.

Please pray for Ukraine. It is going to be really tough time for the common people because those politicians are only there to take care of their own business. And…I am not sure what to expect.

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