I am easily inspired. Well, when I am in the kind of mood like right now, anyway.

The mood when every little detail seems to have a meaning. A deeper meaning, even if to get to the meaning, you need a subatomic microscope or a Hubble.

My friend David, whom I often mention in my blog here, once again posted an insightful post. As I re-read it once again, time seemed to pause and the thoughts in my head took over.

Often when our spirits are present near the borderlands of life and death, we come-away humbled, quieted and still. Somehow midst these toughest of times, we discover that we have been renewed by the stripping-away of all. Because we have not been made bare: Love clothes us.

David Hayes, the author of the Runaway Pastor

David talked about quiet strength and that triggered memories. Not that I have lived through them – I wasn’t born yet. Nonetheless, this is how I always envisioned it.

Quiet strength. The best kind of strength. The strength that does not need proof, you just know it’s there.

Whenever I imagine Jesus standing in front of the Pharisees or Pilate or Herod during his last few hours of life… that is the image I get… A person with quiet strength.

Jesus During the TrialHe did not look scared; He did not look frantic, or tried to defend himself. His strength came from knowing that in the end, God (and he) will win, no matter what the cost.

Yes, he was still human and I do not minimize the emotions that might’ve collided in his mind and soul and heart… but…

I keep thinking of the Jesus movie with Jeremy Sisto. There was a moment, during the trial, when the look Jeremy had was exactly what I think Jesus had. The pride-less quiet strength. The non-arrogant quiet strength.

Not sure why I felt compelled to write about it today, maybe just because I am tired of the hamster-run of the week and finally had a chance to calm down and think. Maybe… I do not know.

And that last sentence of David’s…

“[We] have not been made bare: Love clothes us.”

It is amazing to realize that.

May we all ask and receive that quiet strength that comes from knowledge that God IS.

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