the technology of pictures allows us to travel back in time. once in a while i start looking through my old pictures that i have on this computer and relive those moments when i am too tired to think of experiencing new moment.

that is, however, a dangerous trap, too. it wakes up the feeling of wanting to go back instead of forward. it is understandable, because it is easier to re-live what we already went through then venture into the forest of unknowns.

the fact that the forest might turn into a fruit garden we don’t consider.

nonetheless, as i clicked “SPACE” on my lappy and switched views and faces, i was overcome by a feeling of nostalgia. so much have changed in the last few years! it seems like the years flew by, yet something flew away with the years. something that should have stayed.

friends changed, new friends were made, old friends sometimes went another way…

environment changed. school, university, work.

family changed. some got married, some passed away.

changes. it’s natural for us to experience it. it’s GOOD for us to experience it most of the time (even when we protest), we would be like swamps without current without change. the change being that necessary current of the river of our lives pulls us toward the ocean of eternity.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Hebrews 13:8

thank God He does not change. i am being a Capt. Obvious here, but i cannot help it. it’s probably one of the best things… He does not change.

some things are bound to change. some will change soon, some will take their time. yet, that verse above is a promise that i hold on to with both hands.

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