[so then, what’s the point?]

[so then, what’s the point?]

I had an interesting experience the other day when I got into a cab after one of the Chamber events and happened to have a driver who was a Jehovah Witness.

I did not know he was a JW at first, we just chatted about Bible and the name of God (where at one point of time I told him that Jehovah is not a real name, even though our Bibles have it… the thing is, Jews were not allowed to say YHWH aloud, even though they could write it. So they put the vowels for Adonai, layering them to YHWH, and that’s how we got Jehovah)… He did not comment on that.

HomeAs I got out of the taxi to get home, he asked if I would like to have a copy of Awake! I said, sure. It is never bad to learn what other people believe so that you can better see where they are coming from.

Along with the Awake! Magazine he gave me a little booklet that boldly stated that it has the answers to six most frequently asked questions in our life. One of the questions was “Where do I go when I die?”

“You cease to exist.”

That was the answer. I read it and re-read it, trying to remember how I managed to oversee this fact back in the World Religions and Cults class. I forgot that JWs do not believe in Heaven / Hell and eternal life.

Since Thursday, this thought has been on the backburner of my ever-cooking mind. What is the point to life then, if there’s nothing afterwards? What is the point of spending our lives in service to God, if we don’t even get to be with Him, what’s the point?

And what did Jesus mean then when He said “I am going to prepare a place for you.” A place where? 6 feet underground?

Sometimes people amaze me. Why is it easier to try to convince oneself that there’s no God (or look for thousands of explanations why He did not create the universe – as if proving that God isn’t the creator would make them the creators)… Why is it easier to…

Well, I guess it is easier not to believe in life after this one since it gives you freedom to do as you please.

But there’s so much that people are missing out on! They miss out on His Love, His grace, His tender care…

“You cease to exist.”

I do not believe that. I am waiting in “breathless anticipation” (as Ted Dekker put it so adequately) for the time when He comes to take me home.

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