[short thoughts]

[short thoughts]

I was going home in a taxi after a little party I had with my friends from work, gazed at the lazy dark fog that descended upon Kyiv, and pondered…

Before university, I did not have many friends who were not CHRISTians. Yeah, I had a few friends at school, but still… My dream job back then was at the Church, with mom and the people I grew up with. I had thought that all jobs outside Church ones would make me compromise my values and I would be ridiculed for being not like everyone else.

How little did I know. Looking back at these almost 2 years I have spent at the Chamber, I feel that I have been blessed beyond measure. Yes, it is a secular place of work, and sometimes I do not approve of some stuff, but I would be honest – sometimes I feel more welcome at my work than at Church.

Yes, I have been in the Church for almost 18 years now and everyone knows me and I am welcome, but still… I keep thinking of newcomers and how they feel. I know that I am not the kind of person who likes too much attention and I am terrible with making new aquaintances (unless I have something in common with the person), so I have to admit that I am at fault of not making newcomers welcome by coming and chatting with them right away. My friend Tonya, on the other hand, is wonderful with that – I watch her and learn.

But that wasn’t my point really… What I thought about, while in the cab, is that non-Church people (at least my friends) are less judgemental. They do not expect me to talk in sophisticated way and be at my best behavior all the time. They love me for who I am, not for what I appear like. They have seen me in my happy days and they have seen me in the days when I am irritable and snappy, yet they love me anyway.

Isn’t that weird? That I can be myself and accepted among non-Church people and at Church I still feel like I have to fit into some standard or else people will look at me like I have started worshipping Harry Potter instead of God.

All I wanted to say… I am so thankful for my team at work and I am amazingly blessed by my Church family. And I still have so much to learn…

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