[Hope for the Hopeless]

[Hope for the Hopeless]

All authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God.

Romans 13:1b, NLT

Next week, on Sunday, January 17th, Ukraine will have presidential elections.

Winter 2004 – 2005

Orange Revolution - Kyiv, Ukraine - 2004Last time, the elections caused a riot all over the worldwide media because of the Orange Revolution that took place. Back in the days I was proud to support the winning candidate, be orange, and come to the Independence Square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti)… I was proud to be a part of something big and good. If someone would ask me to summarize the Orange Revolution in one word, I would say “Hope.” It united the Ukrainians in such ways that I did not think possible. We indeed were one nation during that time.

What happened after the Revolution (and the victory of one of the Victors – no pun intended – both candidates are named Victor) can be summarized as “Discouragement.” The team that was so successful during the OR divided and fought against each other. The president, although I still respect his intelligence and gentle ways, turned out not as strong as was needed to get the people under his control. The great Hope of the Orange Revolution was thrown onto the ground and trampled into the dirt.

5 years later. January 2010

Two possible winners are already known. Neither, in my opinion, is the one who can lead Ukraine out of the economic and political hole we’re in right now. Many people whom I’ve talked to don’t even want to go vote because they don’t believe anything will change because of their voice.

It seems like the situation is worse than ever. However, I have not quoted Paul without a reason. And also, I want to quote something else I have read in one of the featured Nazarene Blogs’ post:

From a Christian point of view at least, the hope of a nation does not rest with any politician or political party. Our hope is in Jesus Christ.

Kenneth Crow, Let’s Not Look to Politicians to Save Us
Holiness Today Blog

I have analyzed a lot of opinions and comments that people shared, ideas that I have read about, and my own thoughts regarding that matter. Although I have never been the one who actively followed the politics and who was who and where and why and how, working at the Chamber has taught me a few things. I still do not watch political talk shows which are in fashion and in abundance in Ukraine nowadays, but I hear enough to make my judgement calls.

One important lesson that I have learned – or discovered, to be more precise – was that politicians are also people. Just like you and me – human beings who err. Often my mistake was that I kept wanting them to be better than me (because they are in such an important position), but… unfortunately, our world does not work that way yet. Those who are called to be servants don’t want to serve.

Nonetheless, another lesson that is even more important than the first one – I believe that whatever happens in two weeks (and years to follow) has been already approved by God. Every minute, every second of it – approved. Whoever wins – approved.

Whether or not we will like the winner that’s a different question, but for me the priority will be to focus my vision on Someone beyond Ukraine, beyond Europe, beyond Earth, who is yet present everywhere. He is the King of kings and Lord over lords. He is the King, my King forever. It is easy to get discouraged when you put your trust into another man / woman. Our God, however, will never let us down.

He promised.

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