[CHRISTmas thoughts]

[CHRISTmas thoughts]

I feel like writing, yet I am empty. Not the kind of emptiness that comes from having nothing to talk about, but rather the “full” emptiness – the feeling that comes when you have too many thoughts creating havoc in the mind. Dean Koontz keeps repeating in almost every book of his that in any chaos there’s underlying order, but right now I cannot see it. The order, I mean.

ChristmasIt’s Orthodox CHRISTmas today. A hair over 20 centuries ago, the angels appeared to shepherds and proclaimed that the Savior is born. The poor guys tending the sheep were scared at first, but the splendor of angelic song inspired them, and the fear vanished.

“Let’s go and see!” they happily cried out and ran toward their dream-come-true.

What would we do these days if an angel would show up and proclaim such news to us?

“Wait, wait, wait. You said a baby in a manger? Uh… you really mean, a MANGER? A baby? We were waiting for a strong and mighty Savior with a capital S. Oh well, let’s go, see this baby.”

Or maybe we won’t even go see the baby. “Wait, I still have to talk to Santa and unwrap my presents. I have given a list of gifts that I needed. And the dinner is almost ready, so… yeah. I’ll be right there… tomorrow.”

It seems that we frequently confuse disappointment with disillusionment. Disappointment is when something or someone does not fulfill the role we have assigned it or them. Disillusionment, however, is when we discard an illusion that does not align with the truth.

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We like our illusions so much that we start believing them ourselves. Of course, when the illusion is shattered, we get upset. However, when the illusion is shattered, we also see the truth behind the figments of our imagination.

For many people during Jesus’ time and for many people ever since, illusions about His identity and mission was the way of life.

Seems like everyone had a nice and pretty box made specially for this occasion. The Present, however, did not fit any of the boxes prepared.

Perhaps, Joseph thought that his son (albeit not really his) would be a good carpenter… If Jesus was a carpenter before 30 we do not know, yet if he was, did he “shudder each time his hammer struck a nail?”

Maybe Mary held the idea of her baby becoming the next ruler… He is a ruler, yet of another Kingdom.

The disciples and followers wanted him to lead a war to overthrow Romans… A spiritual war was on long before then and He won it before it began.

People in centuries after his life wanted him to the weapon of peace (with their definition of peace, which was far from God’s Shalom)… God’s way won.

“Who do you say that I am?” Jesus asked his disciples once. The question still stands even nowadays when we seemingly know the entire story, yet we miss the mark.

We might question God’s ways, but we have to admit – He thought it through.

And as we celebrate the birth of the baby, let’s not forget who that was lying in a manger wrapped in a blanket.

P.S. And I always wonder… why don’t we ever sing Happy Birthday song on CHRISTmas?

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