[curiosity killed the cat]

[curiosity killed the cat]

“If I chased after everything that makes me curious, I’d have no time for the part of life I do understand.”

Cathy Sienna, Your Heart Belongs to Me by Dean Koontz

Your Heart Belongs to Me (Dean Koontz)One more book, Your Heart Belongs to Me, from my Dean Koontz collection is read and being processed in my brain. Another, The Face, waits its turn not so patiently. I have a couple of other books that I have started reading, but every time I get something by Koontz or Dekker, I just cannot wait to read what masterpiece they have written this time.

During the 3-day retreat I came from today, there was some time when I could just sit in quietness, listen to the gentle crackle-pop of the fire in the hearth, and sort through the emotions and thoughts. When I read the quote mentioned above, said by Koontz who used a feminine voice of his character Cathy, I read it, re-read it, and then read once more. It was like one of those signs that show up when you don’t expect.

That is my weakness. One day, I will end just like the feline from the famous saying… “Curiosity killed the cat.” There is so much stuff that interests me that I feel like a wide-eyed kid at a toy store.

Look there! No, here’s a better one! NO, THIS IS THE ONE!

Running from one shelf filled with wonders to another, skipping along the way… and forgetting all the toys that I already have that used to be “THE ONE” just a few hours ago.

Lately, my prayer has been for God to wrap his arms around me and calm me down. I know there are parts of life that I do understand and sometimes I just skip by them, looking for something new and exciting.

I really need to calm down and sort out my life. *Sigh* (…whispers: but that toy over there on the top shelf looks sooo attractive!)

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