If you can, you must.

Robert W. Skinner (who heard it from his Grandma)

I am not the one to usually come up with New Year resolutions. For one – I know that if I want something, I will keep doing it without the resolution. Two, I try to live day-to-day life, keeping the future in mind, but still focusing more on here and now.

The resolutions are good sometimes, but we have over-used them so much they don’t mean anything to us. Or, maybe I am the only one like that…

Have you ever said something like “Tomorrow I am starting new life” or “On Monday, I am breaking this habit”?

We tend to find a date when we would be ready to make changes, but honestly, how often we actually follow our own resolutions?

I am currently reading one of the newest books by my favorite Dean Koontz, Your Heart Belongs to Me, and the main character, Ryan Perry, is a computer prodigy guy who built his company Be2Do from scratch.

As I read about his “adventures” in a medical world (he needed a heart transplant), I kept pondering about his company’s name.


Isn’t that what we were created for? Being (living our lives) to do something meaningful. And like Grandma Skinner said, “If you can, you must.”

I have a long way to learn how to be all I was made to be but I am trying.

And, although I am not a fan of New Year resolutions, the New Year is tomorrow and I want to Be2Do… whatever is required of me.

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