[a sermon from the past]

Zee Gimon

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  • Mary

    What struck me most about this story is the generosity of spirit shown first by Big Tom and then by Little Jim. I’m glad the old rod broke and surely this gave the teacher time to see what a pointless exercise he was undertaking. The real point here is the example of forgiveness it offers not about who got a whipping.

    • the generosity of spirit shown – yes.

      I don’t think it was a pointless exercise – the kids were given opportunity to choose whatever rules they want to follow and the consequences for disobedience. I think it was fair… Not pleasant, but fair…

  • Mary

    Well sister, I would still say that beating one student for the bad behavior of another is pointless and completely illogical. Moreover, I think this insight is there in the story: the rod broke and the teacher began to weep. The “lesson” is about love and forgiveness. I think this holds too for the bigger picture the sermon mentions: the events of Holy Week.

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