[Mowgli, Bandar-Log, and Jesus]

[Mowgli, Bandar-Log, and Jesus]

It is a tradition at my Church to have a dinner all together (everyone from the Church and beyond is welcome) on December 25th, and then on January 7th we have the standard service.

As we got together on Friday evening, my pastor’s sermon was short but really good.

“When I was thinking what to talk about today, a completely inappropriate idea came to my mind.”

He paused and we all sat, waiting impatiently when he will share the idea.

“Mowgli. And the time when he was carried away by the monkeys, so called Bandar-log. They kept yelling that Mowgli is one of them, just without a tail.”


Often we get so used to the idea of Jesus coming to this Earth that we don’t even think about everything it means. Yes, He was like us – a human. BUT, besides being fully human, He was fully God. Our human brains cannot contain that idea (at least at our current level), but that’s what we believe is true.

The only difference the Bandar-log saw between Mowgli and themselves was the absence of a tail. Pastor Vova compared that to a “tail” of sin that every person have due to the Fall, yet Jesus being fully human, did not have that tail trail behind Him. He was sinless.

Yet, we continue to cry like those monkeys, “He’s one of us!” forgetting in the process that He became like us to make a way for us to become like Him. NOT vice versa.

When they carried him to their lair, the monkeys stuffed Mowgli into a barrel. When it comes to us, we also don’t like to think “outside the box” and what’s worse… we are trying to stuff God into that little box that we have created for Him.

But Jesus did come to help us become like Him… and think outside the manger.

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