[holidays are coming, holidays are coming…]

[holidays are coming, holidays are coming…]

Today it was my last working day this year. I am so happy for the prospect of actually catching up with sleep and just rest.

I turned off Jacy Jr. (my laptop computer) and planned on going to bed to start the process of “catching sleep,” but obviously my mind decided against it.

The thoughts turned once again toward my work. It has been one of my main activities this past 1 year and 8 months… I cannot believe that so much time has passed! I guess the saying “time flies when you’re having fun” applies in this case. I indeed had a lot of fun during these 20 months. Of course, there were times when I was dead and complaining about everything and everyone because I was tired, but even when tired, when I stopped and thought about my work I realized that it is so much more than just a job where I get paid for doing something.

For starters, I am not just doing something: I am doing something that I love. Every day I learn something new. Every day my skills and knowledge are stretched and even when it seems they are stretched to a snapping point, when the crisis goes away, I am more than I was before the “stretching.” It is growing pains, in a way.

The team is great. Sometimes I guess I get too emotional about certain colleagues of mine (and thanks to biggie for being patient with me and letting me vent), but that’s because I care… I care about them and I care about the image of the company.

We’re an odd team. In many ways, I feel like my dream of working at mom’s office (aka Church) is accomplished in working at the Chamber. Lunches / coffee breaks / parties together… sharing the needs and helping each other out.

Dang. not going to work for two weeks sure will be strange – no coffee in the morning (I don’t usually drink coffee at home… tea is the home drink, for some reason)… no chats about the families… no teasing each other or throwing stress killers (yeah, that is quite common 🙂 )… I am going to miss my teammates.

Thankfully, not for long.

I’ll be back.

But before that, the dreams are calling my name and my eyes are shutting down.

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