[mixed identity]

[mixed identity]

i have been mistaken for an American gal today. again.

the reasons? my English and… my red Skechers Glorify sneakers.

i guess the reason my Skechers were so outstanding was because gals over here usually wear heels or dressy shoes… and i go for comfort. and since i love red color, the minute i saw those sneakers at a shoe store, i knew they will be mine. i waited until the payday and went to the store, praying / hoping / keeping my fingers crossed that they would have my size. yes, 10.5 is a rarity over here for some reason – shoes of that size either look like skis, or they are high-heeled. they had my size and i was so happy.

but yeah, besides the sentimental story about my favorite pair of shoes…

why do people always think i am American? and i have actually spoken Russian for most of the evening, exchanging just a couple of phrases with the German guy in English (that was the guy who asked a friend of mine if i were American).

i don’t mind most of the time. it makes me grin and is a great source of jokes, but it also makes me wonder… what is so different? (besides my “accent-free” English, as people claim it is…)

i value comfort over making an attraction of myself,  i prefer comfort over fashion and therefore not often you’ll see me dressed up nicely (unless it is needed for work… and even then, my favorite pair of dressy shoes are also Skechers… black and dressy, but still comfortable.)

the food? yes, i love western food, McD’s, Friday’s, all the mexican stuff… Coke. but c’mon… food?

some people say “tell me who your friends are and i will tell you about yourself” – yes, i have lots of friends over the pond, yet i have a lot of friends all over Ukraine and CIS district.

all that said… it was fun and we got a laugh out of it, but just for the note: i am UKRAINIAN 🙂 (see Q1 here)

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