[the white weather]

[the white weather]

it has been a while since we had decent snowfall here, in Kyiv, Ukraine. and i do not mean that it has been just a year, from last winter. snow has become a rarity.

it hasn’t been rare a few years ago. i still remember winters when my grandma and i would go sledding after school. -15C was a standard winter temperature. now it seems that -10C is already too cold.

i woke up today to a white world. the sky was white, the earth was white, the cars were white, and the trees were white. the few brave people outside were getting bleached by the snow as well.

as i got outside, going to Church, a voice from the past whispered to me. my grandma loved this kind of weather. where she grew up, in a small village located in Tula district, Russia, this was also a standard winter: lots of snow, wind in your face, temps below 0C… whenever she told me that she enjoyed wind in her face in winter, i could never understand her (reason being: i cannot breathe if a cold wind is blowing at me). however, she taught me to love that wonderful crunchy sound of snow when you’re walking. it is much more than just a sound, it’s a feeling… starts as a light feet massage and spreads out till you enjoy the crunch with your entire body. grandma would have loved today’s weather.

another thing i love about snow: it mutes sounds. i consider myself a quiet person and i love quietness.

as i stood at the bus stop this morning, there were not a lot of cars and for one minute or so, there were no cars at all on the road. the multitudes of snowflakes were dancing waltz down to earth and the world was quietly watching. not one artificial sound. a few people were standing at the stop too, but none were talking on the phone or making other noises. quiet.

i stood transfixed. i raised my head and grinned at the sky, catching a few of the snowflakes that descended upon my face. no sounds but gentle tap-tapping of the snow crystals on the hood of my coat.

i might not like the cold that accompanies winter and this white weather, yet there are certain things that i find incredible and the cold weather is worth it.

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