[books vs movies]

[books vs movies]

I looked at him inquiringly: “Have you read the books?”

“Oh, I watched the movie. Nothing special. I did not like it.”

I had that talk earlier today and it rendered me nearly speechless. Well, at first I tried to prove my point and then realized that my opinion doesn’t matter, obviously.

There is a saying, “Don’t judge a book for its cover”, but taking into account the mug picture, obviously I am not the one who is appalled when a wonderful and full-of-lessons book is judged by a 2 hour movie.

When I heard that phrase, I repeated the answer hoping that I have heard it wrong. Nope… that was exactly what he meant.

People who know me know my addiction to books. I love to learn from the lives of the characters… I live their lives with them, worry about the choices they make, and whisper out loud for them not to do the thing they are about to do.

I am off to sleep. So thankful for God’s invisible hug… I know it’s silly to become so upset and all because of a book, but…

One last thought… that phrase above can also be like “Oh, I have watched a Jesus cartoon and I didn’t like it, so I don’t want to read the Bible.”

YES, I know that I am comparing Bible with a usual book, but in essence it’s the same thing.

Watching a movie INSTEAD of reading a book is like eating pre-chewed food – watching someone’s perspective on the story instead of using your own head.

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