[ice-skating: relationships]

[ice-skating: relationships]

it has been a few days since i’ve written anything. the topic has been in my head for a week now, but i just did not have proper inspiration to write about it. re-watching House’s episode 9 “Wilson” (don’t have access to the latest one yet), the desire emerged. the post was inspired by ice-skating experience last wednesday as well as this song: AA Bondy – A Slow Parade – if you like to read with quiet music in the background, you might like it.


oh, the theme of relationships. millions of books were published on relationships. they are all everywhere where there are people. we have family, friends, co-workers, teachers, classmates… just random people on the street that we meet once in a lifetime, yet in the very deep gray matter of our brain even those random people leave a tiny footprint.

this post however is more focused on friends and family rather than random encounters.

in our ice-skating group, there were two couples: Josh and Robyn Allens (our missionaries in Kyiv) and my co-worker Julie with her hubby Vova.

my mood was in a reflective mode and that rarely is a good thing. as i watched each couple skate together, i couldn’t help but slow down and enjoy the harmony. i skated on my own most of the time, lost in the dark forest of my thoughts, but it was good when one of my friends would come and skate by my side. i am not a good ice-skater so i realized that when you’re holding someone’s hand, it is so much easier to skate – even if both of you don’t know how to do it!

God said, “It’s not good for the Man to be alone; I’ll make him a helper, a companion.”

Genesis 2:18, the Message

God has created us with a love relationship in mind. Love can be demonstrated in different ways: a friendly love, a romantic love, agape love…

i long for the middle one, yet i am immensely thankful for friendly love. friends are that hand that you need in time of trouble or in time of happiness. we were created to SHARE experiences, we cannot hold it all inside or we’ll blow up. and i am happy for my friends who have found each other.

important lesson learned… it is not necessary to really know how to do stuff perfectly well because if you have someone who can help you, it’s easier (and way more fun) to learn together while doing whatever you’re doing – ice-skating or getting through life.

for man wasn’t created by a lonely God to be alone.

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