[the other reality]

[the other reality]

mom was watching TV and news about one of the accidents that happened in Kyiv – former mayor of Kyiv hit a man while driving – were on. as i sat and watched bits and pieces of it, my mind drifted into one of the pensive moods.

there are so many shows about murders, assassinations, robberies, crime in general… it is all over news (just watch CNN for 10 minutes)… there is so much violence out there.

yet, at the same time, when i watched it on TV yesterday i realized that i haven’t really encountered anything like that in my own life. well, two of people i knew were killed in car accidents, but that is about the extent of it. a friend of mine told a story how he encountered mafia brothers and had a gun pointed at his face… i have friends who were criminals and spent time in prison… but that still seems like something… from a different reality.

i guess it is a good thing that i haven’t encountered anything like that in my own life. however, one conclusion that i got out of my thinking is that i should not forget that this is all quite real. just like the spiritual war – we don’t see it with our physical eyes, yet it is real in all the senses of that word, same with the violence in the physical world…

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