[short venting note]

[short venting note]

okay. i need to vent. just warning.

we’re moving into a new office tomorrow. it is a brand spankin’ new office center and it’s gonna be so cool! the area where it’s located isn’t the best yet, but hey, in a few years, i believe that this will be a desirable business area (since it’s almost downtown).

there are certain drawbacks in the move, but we (the guys i usually hang out with at work) tried to be optimistic even about those drawbacks.

yes, we will have to get used to a new place of work and it might steal away a few minutes of sleep every morning, but then, we have a stable work during these tough times in Ukraine. and the building is really good.

yes, the open-space will feel weird at first (right now, we’re divided into 4 rooms) and it will certainly take time to get used to the fact that there’s policy team with us (they were on LL2 floor, whereas all of us were on LL1), but if they will see us during work hours they will see that we’re not just drinking coffee / wine / whatever, having fun, and relaxing. it is just that usually they come to our LL1 so rarely that most of the times it’s to greet someone and wish happy birthday or something like that. so they think that we don’t do anything.

half of the office is complaining about the move. i, on the other hand, keep telling those who complain that just because they keep complaining – it won’t change nada! we’re moving and it’s better to find something GOOD in the move, not trying to find bad stuff… isn’t it? (i wonder if i am the same with other changes…)

*sigh* like i said… i am tired of constant complaining of my friends and i am tired of “trying to keep up the good spirit.” thankfully, i am not alone in my optimism.

we will survive. and our office will be the bestest.

p.s. just because we got used to inconveniences at our current (until tomorrow) office does not mean they are not there – like trying to get a taxi at 5PM – that’s simply impossible because there are traffic jams all over the downtown… or that small corner proudly called Kitchen… 2 people have to dance a tango to make coffee in that 3ft*3ft space! and in the mornings, that corner resembles a Scottish dance studio because everyone is in line for coffee… in the new office we’ll have a normal kitchen, with a LUNCH TABLE (in our old office that role belonged to the meetings’ table… not exactly convenient), with an ice-machine (i love my boss), and so many cool stuff!

i can’t wait!

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