[friends, family, and Wilson]

[friends, family, and Wilson]

“The person you want when you’re dying isn’t the same as the person you want when you’re living.”

Tucker, patient, House M.D.

finished watching House season 6, episode 9. love it. but besides the usual drama of standard House series, there was more on relationships – between families, between friends…

the thought quoted above made me stop, rewind the video, and watch it again.

is that true?

i mean, when you are dying (haven’t tried yet, but someday it will happen), you want the people who are the closest to you. people want relatives and friends (even those with whom the relationships were strained during the normal times), someone who cares… it seems like just before you die, that’s the time to make amends.

it’s great when you survive whatever happened and continue building the relationships. but it’s sad when after the crisis moved on, people start to concentrate on trivial things again…

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