[noisy family]

[noisy family]

the day turned out to be a fun one. taking into account Jorge’s bluff yesterday, our mood was jovial yesterday and it transferred into today as well. when the boss is happy, everyone else is happy. at least that works for me. besides, it was a glorious +10C “shinesunny” day and i just could not let anything dampen my attitude.

i have sent everything as planned at work, got some time for creativity (see here – nothin’ special, just a banner for an upcoming meeting), fixed some stuff at the Chamber website, and enjoyed a cake.

in the evening we were supposed to have a Ukrainian party at my Church. i have promised that i will be there around 7PM (my work day ends at 6PM) and that i will be wearing something Ukrainian. well… at first when i promised about clothes, i thought that i will wear a blue sweatshirt and buy myself a yellow scarf (ukrainian flag is blue and yellow), but i couldn’t find the blue sweatshirt in the morning. as a result, i decided to buy it. ha. ended up buying a yellow sweatshirt (which i actually like, even though i do not like yellow color most of the times) and a blue scarf. it was fun to shop.

the Church was buzzing with young generation running around the building and trying to cook a dinner for 25+ people. i changed into my “Ukrainian clothes” and got to work. with new people there as well as the old friends, it was fun and chatty.

but the best part came later. as we finally sat down to eat, i almost had a flashback of memories buried deep. the memories of my family before Natasha (my cousin) left to Germany and grandma and Luba (my aunt) passed away. the memories of grandiose holidays, birthdays, New Years… or even when we just got together and shared a meal (which was often). entertaining guests, foreigners, opening our homes…

as i sat there, today, eating borsch that tasted just like my grandmother’s, listening to the noisy chatter of people around me, everyone passing the food around, someone reaching over for something… i felt like i am back in time, a kid again, and my grandma will walk out right now out of the kitchen with a triumphant look on her face and present us with another culinary delight that she concocted so lovingly. my mom has learned to cook quite well and nowadays she starts reminding me more and more of my grandma (mom’s mom), but the family is down to three, and the camaraderie is gone.

one day, i hope, our house will be full of kids again, and new memories will be made. for now, i am taking everything that comes my way and do my best to enjoy it (or learn from it).

and i thank God for my almost-real brothers and sisters in Christ that i’ve got. for today, i felt like we were really one family.

p.s. dancing ukrainian dances is hilarious as well, when you’ve got a good company. friendly advice: do not eat right before dancing. dangerous.

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