[8P’s of God’s Marketing Strategy]

[8P’s of God’s Marketing Strategy]

My friend David wrote an amazing post on beginning of the Advent on his blog (click here to check it out – it’s good), and as I was writing a comment to that post, the idea for this post dawned on me.

I’ve often thought that God could have used a marketing agency. (David)

I laughed about that idea at first, but then stopped abruptly when I realized… God did have a pretty creative marketing plan for getting us Home (albeit the fact that the marketing specialists would smirk if anyone proposed something similarly odd).

1. Physical environment

God created this world so He knew precisely what the environment will be. He chose a specific people as the initial “target audience” and specific area. Some might think that He went a bit off the brink when He decided that He would be born in an animal shelter (been in one just today – a fun experience) and spend most of His earthly life in Nazareth (”What good can come from Nazareth?”), but hey… it worked.

2. Price

From the very beginning, God knew what the price will be for getting us back to Him. It did not stop Him, however, and more than that – He was willing to pay for the “product” Himself and just give it to us.

3. Product

The gift of knowing that now we can come to Him without fear, the gift of life and life with the abundance, the gift of ultimate Love.

4. Promotion (advertising)

Quoting St. Francis of Assisi “Preach the gospel always. If necessary use words.” that sums the promotion quite good.

I guess each of us had an encounter or two with salespeople who go from house to house or from the person to person on the street. Their goal is to sell their product no matter what. Some of them are good, and they can make you believe that this product is indeed what you longed for your entire life. Yet, if there’s any trace of a lie in their actions, my possible desire for the product will be squashed (even if the product is really good).

the thing with faith is that it’s a very important for every person yet if you over-advertise it, people might be turned away (at least I am that way.) therefore, the best advertising (for me) is when I see people who truly enjoy the “product” and I am drawn to have it. And if the words and the life of a person clash, then nothing will really work.

5. Placement

First, Eden. Then kind of spread around finally coming to be centered on Israelites. After Jesus, “to all the nations to the end of the Earth.”

6. People

Okay, here I agree, God probably grinned a lot when He was devising this part of the plan. What a mix! some were CEOs of the national banks, a president of a country along with his prime minister, a couple of freight ship owners, one guy a specialist in IT…….. No. that would be our way of creating a plan – choose the ones we think are the best representatives of the human race. That’s not how God chooses. He chooses people whom we would’ve thought never would make anything worthwhile in their lives.

Did Peter think that he, an ordinary fisherman, would be quoted as a man of wisdom 2,000 years after his death?

Did Thomas know that he would be an example of faith that stays true despite doubts?

And Paul… tell the young Saul that he would die for that crazy weirdo from Nazareth and he would laugh in your face. Yet, he did die for Jesus.

7. Process – How do people obtain the product?

This time, quoting Max Lucado, “salvation is simple, but not easy.

How to obtain salvation? You ask for it. It is quite simple and sometimes we keep thinking that it is WAY TOO SIMPLE, but let’s not complicate matters for ourselves.

8. Packaging

I guess the Church can be the packaging. it’s not always perfect (after all, it’s a congregation of people who admitted that they are no good, but want to be good), but if they truly love Him and people, then the wear and tear doesn’t really matter – it’s the gift inside the package that has the true value.

Finally, regarding God’s Salvation viral campaign…

We have all seen those kinds of ads. First we see just a blank space with the words “Coming Soon…”… then some more information is added to the mix… and finally, there comes a day-of-the-Coming-Soon.

That day happened 2,000 years ago. in an odd location, to a pair of odd fitting parents, during an odd time… yet, nothing could have been more perfect because I doubt any viral campaigns have ever been so thoroughly planned – 3,000+ Earth years (besides the eternity) by the most creative Being.

So… next time you’ll see a “Coming Soon” bill board, remember: CHRIST IS COMING.

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