[information attack]

[information attack]

a friend of mine from work and i shared a cab on Friday evening since we were both tired, it was a long day… and we just did not feel like sharing a metro train with another couple hundred people stuffed into the car during the rush hour. while riding home, we started talking about different things we’ve learned in universities and the quotes of our teachers. her major was psychology and she shared her professor’s statement…

“i feel sorry for people who live in metropolises – whatever they do, they cannot escape the information that is bombarding their minds.”

i completely share the sentiment because living all my life in a city with a population of 4,000,000+ and using public transportation every day, i know exactly what he is talking about.

as i reflected upon this, i came to a few conclusions.

1. finally i know the reason why i love long showers and soaks (besides the obvious reason of hygiene)

i have often wondered why it is that when i am in the shower, interesting random thoughts come to my mind that don’t come when i am elsewhere. it is just me in the shower. of course, i often cheat on information-less of the shower and start reading everything that is written on the shampoos, conditioners, toothpaste… i am addicted to reading / receiving information. but still, there i CHOOSE to read it. i don’t have to. and that makes the difference.

2. like i said above… i am addicted to reading.

i am not sure whether that came from having information all around me or just because i like to process and analyze info, but most of the times i find myself trying to find something to read when i do not have a book along with me.

information is addictive. you start with little bits which seems fine, but you end up drowning in it with no lifebuoy.

for the next Lent, i want to try to stop reading books (besides Bible). last Lent i didn’t drink Coke. i survived. nevertheless, the thought of no books for 40 days scares me (even though i know it will be a right thing). we’ll see… but i want to try to limit at least the information that i willingly choose to put into my mind.

3. writing is cathartic.

Dean Koontz, in his book Forever Odd, once said “Writing is chemotherapy for the soul.”

Odd Thomas (the lead character in Odd Thomas series by Dean Koontz) wrote in order to get rid of the thoughts about tough times he endured. a friend of mine, David Hayes, wrote his first book also for therapy reasons.

i haven’t written a book yet (though some advised me to), but my blogs are my ways of getting the thoughts out, cleansing the soul, and being able to go to bed and fall asleep instead of spending half of the night thinking.

4. the tree of knowledge of good and evil

knowledge – basically the same thing as information, but stored in our brains. God knew what He was talking about that knowledge won’t bring us anything good (because all Adam and Eve had was good… the tree of knowledge brought only the evil)

we never can find the golden middle, it seems. when we do not have the right information, we believe all the lies that may be told to us. if we do have the information, we don’t know (or helpless) to do anything about that information / knowledge.

fresh example – my country and upcoming elections.

on one hand, people in villages don’t have the access to all the news and therefore only see what is “sold” to them (since most of the major TV companies belong to that or another presidential candidate). so on one channel you keep seeing how one candidate is so wonderful that it’s a matter of time for him / her to be proclaimed a saint. on another channel, another candidate is being worshiped and the rest are considered scum. so, whichever channel you can get defines the information you’re getting.

on the other hand, in Kyiv we get all kinds of channels (“owned” as well as free) and therefore we get all bulk of the information. does it help? hardly, because you end up seeing her face and hear her sweet “Dolores Umbridge” voice and it makes you want to throw up because she is USING people. and you are helpless… and that is the reason why i rarely watch news – they make me depressed.

all this said, i think i will turn off the lights and enjoy the darkness of the room, without the lappy’s light and interruptions.

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