[system overload]

[system overload]

and here we go again…

there are times when i am reading something / thinking about something / someone tells me something and i think “OH, it’s gonna make a great blog post” and then i end up coming home late and getting on my blog even later and i think “well… next time.”

the next time comes, but i have already too many new ideas to post about and it all ends with my brain system being overloaded with thoughts. so… since i cannot concentrate on any of the previous ideas that i wanted to write about, i’ll start Thanksgiving a week earlier.

things i am thankful for today:

even though i got slightly depressed over the amount of work to do, i am thankful to God for several things regarding my work:

  1. i have work – during these financially unstable times, many people lost their jobs. mine’s stable and should remain so
  2. i have the bestest bosses and great team of friends
  3. i love what i do – even though i never thought i am going to work in computers area (and be a part of communications team, of all teams… me, the INFJ…)
  4. even with the amount of projects i am trying to wrap up, they are fun and i am honored to actually be a part of their “pregnancy” and “birth.”

i thank God for friends both at work, at my Church, and other dear friends, who help me get through the tough times and don’t let me give up, give in, and throw in the towel.

i thank God for timing and wonderful parties to look forward to in the end of a tiring day, as well as trips to the post office to pick up a book from my friend.

i thank God for opportunities to use taxis and not be a wet rat in an overstuffed morning trolleybus

i thank God for the nights and opportunities to rest

i thank God for His rest and peace. for the opportunity to come to Him, say “okay, Lord… You’re the one in control. i know that, but now i acknowledge that.” i wonder if He grins when i say that…

i thank God for the fact that it’s already Thursday. not that i want the days to fly by, but at least it means the weekend is soon and that means sleep.

sleep… something i should do right now.

good night.

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