[curiosity and faith]

[curiosity and faith]

There is a famous joke about Nietzsche’s no less famous quote.

God is dead. Nietzsche

Nietzsche is dead. God

I often wonder why people argue so vehemently against the existence of God. What pleasure does it bring them to spend hours trying to prove something like that?

And if God doesn’t exist, what’s the point then?

What’s the point of trying to prove that He does not exist? (After all, it’s empty argument then)

What’s the point of life?

Numerous questions and no answer really, if you take God out of the equation of life.

The only “plus” of the situation if He doesn’t exist is that people can technically live however they want without thinking about future. The only plus is that people can “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.” (Isaiah 22:13)

But then again, you lived, sort of enjoyed your life (if you could), you die… and that’s it?


If that is it, then why the heck bother living?

If you, however, return to the original equation that has God in it, then it all starts to make sense. There is more to Life than this life. There’s more to Love than the love we experience.

I smile wryly when people start to try to prove that science and religion are at odds. I can sort of understand the non-believers, but c’mon, when those people who know God and who believe in Him start feebly protecting their own understanding of His awesome power?

And yeah, for those who wonder, I do believe in Big Bang Theory. It is scientific AND it needed someone to BANG it. Who but God could come up with all the minute details like the exact number of neutrons needed for a proper mechanism? And so far, with all the claims that man can create life proved nothing. Because no one (except God) can create ex nihilo.

I think that aliens (or, should I say, life on other planets) might exist as well. After all, God created a humongous universe. I am not that greedy to say that it is all only for us. Who knows? The thing that I am curious about – if there is life on other planets (wherever they are)… did He have to come to those planets as well or they were smarter than Adam and Eve? If He did have to come, was His life similar?

I guess my beliefs can be summed up by a statement “With God everything is possible.”… Even when often it is hard to wrap the mind around an idea, I know that I do not have to understand everything necessarily for believing it. Actually I do NOT need to understand everything (thank God!)

Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.

Hebrews 11:1, New Living Translation

God is dead, said Nietzsche and spent his life philosophizing on different things. And what was the point of it all? Just to know your quote will become famous one day? But Nietzsche is dead and I do not think he’s reveling in the fact that so many people know his name and his quote.

Maybe some people will still claim that it is easier to live without God and they don’t need Him to be happy. But I have discovered that the people who claim they don’t need anyone to be happy are not that happy.

But faith is like an umbrella during a stormy rain: the rain won’t stop just because you will open your umbrella, but you would surely be a lot dryer.

(Heh, I think I should re-think my favorite statement “I don’t believe in umbrellas” – after creating the example of umbrella-faith, my statement about real umbrellas sounds quite goofy)

So… the conclusion:

God is alive. I believe in Him. I believe that He is Love and that He loves me (and you, dear reader).

And while I might not understand all the nuances of creation / life / whatnot, I am thankful that He loves me just like I am and that I don’t need to know-it-all to get saved and, in the end (or beginning, rather), come Home.

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