[rest. peace. blessings.]

[rest. peace. blessings.]

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under the trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time”

John Lubbock, English Biologist and Politician, 1834-1913

i posted a comment on a blog of my friend and he asked me to write more about rest and “taking time to enjoy the blessings”…

living in a 4,000,000+ people city, quietness is not easy to find. sometimes i really think that my night way of life (or at least the way it was when i could afford it and not fall asleep at work) is not due to the fact that i simply go to bed late, but because only in night time, there are less cars whizzing past below my windows… only in night time, the TVs and other noises quiet down. as the day is nearing the end and tomorrow isn’t there just yet, the sense of completion fills the soul and mind.

the mornings usually bring questions like “do i really have to get up,” “what to wear,” “what to eat,” along with other worries. sometimes (especially when i accidentally oversleep a few extra minutes) i feel like i am resembling a big hamster: run run run run… and to think about it, hamsters run inside a wheel…which never ends. we set one goal, achieve it on the go, and look another toward the other one. seems like we can never satisfy the craving for accomplishment.

one of my Bible teachers, Dr. D’Andre, all 5 years i took classes with him kept reminding us about “enjoying every step of the way, not only focusing on reaching the goal.” although in many cases i debated with him because my own views differed from his, this is one of the points we agreed on.

it seems silly nowadays to feel like i am becoming my grandma or my mom in my thoughts. they have told me so many times to enjoy the rest while i could get it, but it seemed like a real waste of time when i got all this pent-up energy inside! these days i wish they introduced a “quiet hour” at work, sometime right after lunch… just to go and sleep. instead of drinking coffee and trying to remain awake and work.

yet there are still awesome moments when you are taken aback by the moment’s ingenious simplicity.

… getting out of the trolleybus full of people after an hour ride home, looking up, and seeing the familiar dots of a Big Dipper…

… walking outside in the morning on the way to work and enjoying the still-clean morning chilly air.

… turning off the TV, making a cup of tea, and just sitting on the couch, with a warm fluffy ball of a snoring cat beside you… just watching her happy face as she enjoys the rest along with you.

another thing i love… whenever i get a chance (which is quite rare because i need to get up early to do that), i love coming to work before anyone else does… opening the office, turning on the lights and coffee machine… saying hello to my computer… in just an hour, the office will be full of people who need to do something, whose printers don’t print or Outlook has restarted for 24th time, or who just have a bad day and argue with anyone on their way… but that’s in an hour. right now, there’s QUIET… ahh…

although i like my lifestyle, i still wish for more quiet opportunities. for some reason, they make me think of the times when i was in the States. both times i were there, wherever i stayed, i could go into the backyard, sit on a swing or in a chair, and enjoy the nature. i haven’t been to big cities (besides Indianapolis, but that was only for 3 days) and i am thankful for that.

… the mornings in Idaho Falls, with a wolf at my feet, pressing his cold wet nose against my side, pleading for attention.

… the night at Heise, lying on the grass and staring into the wonderful starry night… it was the first time i’ve seen the moon so bright that the mountain the moon was behind of was casting a visible shadow.

… the time in Midland, Michigan… backyards with forest just right there, a mere hundred yards away.

i miss those times but i am also looking forward to those times, and in the meanwhile, taking effort to enjoy every tidbit of a journey.

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