the real joy lies in every step of the way, not only in reaching the goal of the journey

i like to enjoy the experiences i have.

my friends at work keep blaming me for making them do things. for example, drinking Coke with ice *gasp* in winter. (sidenote: over here, in Ukraine, people believe that if you drink something cold, it will give you a cold… therefore the majority doesn’t eat ice-cream or drink cold beverages in cold seasons.) my admin manager and our chief accountant both glare at me (in a mockingly menacing way) whenever i drink Coke – just because i do it with such an obvious pleasure that they want to experience it too. and claim that i got them addicted to Coke.

same with food. just yesterday a friend of mine accused me of enjoying ice-cream too much – and i was indeed enjoying that wonderfully cold milky strawberry-chocolate McFlurry. he also called me “an american kid”… i still cannot really grasp why he insists on calling me that – altogether i have spent 3 months in the States. and what, only people from the States really know how to enjoy things? then i am sorry for those post-soviet people over here.

the thing though that makes me wonder… do i come across as a person who enjoys being God’s kid?

*sigh* i am frustrated with Church and sometimes i think that i say my thoughts out loud too often… say out loud what my emotions are. and in most people’s minds, Church = God. in a way, at least. nonetheless, i don’t want to pretend that i like everything either. and i am still just a kid, even if i am one of the members of the Church board… at least most of the times i feel like i am still a kid who wandered into the wrong room. and i love my Church. it’s just like my second family – and there are arguments and quarrels even in the best of families.

but… still i wonder, do i come across as a person who truly enjoys following Him? loving Him… dancing with Him… laughing with Him. because i do enjoy, i guess i just do it more quietly than usual.

gotta work on that.

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