[more on books]

[more on books]

“A truly good book teaches me better than to read it. I must soon lay it down, and commence living on its hint. What I began by reading, I must finish by acting.”

Henry David Thoreau, American Poet and Philosopher, 1817-1862

launched my Jacy Sr. computer (for the first time in probably 2 months) and realized that on the desktop there was a file where i tried to keep up with the books i am reading.

couple of other authors whom i like re-surfaced…

>>>Colleen McCullough

an Australian author who is most famous for her bestseller The Thorn Birds. there is a wonderful movie made that’s based on this book, name’s the same. it talks about love which is impossible… which in turn makes the whole love even stronger. i fell in love with the movie first – my mom loved it and as i started to watch it, i realized that i like it too. i read the book a few years later… first in Russian, and then when i was in the States for the second time, i found it in a Bookworm store in Idaho Falls, in English… and got to read it on in March this year.

i guess besides her ability to describe the emotions and the life of a woman, it was also the description of love… that prevails, no matter what obstacles are in its way. maybe it’s a woman book, but dang… she got it so right!

>>>Malorie Blackman

got her book Checkmate at Paperback Heaven store as well as Cornelia Funke’s books. it was an interesting book to read, a story of a girl trying to understand all the going-ons in her family as well as the world around her. what is peculiar about this book is that the main character is dark-skinned. i am not a racist, but i haven’t seen too many books with dark-skinned main characters. and actually i loved the book’s perspective on things. it was wonderfully refreshing. i am thinking about getting a couple more of her books, but probably later, after i get done with the book list i’ve got now.

>>>Frank Peretti

so far i have read only a few of his: The Oath, The Visitation, This Present Darkness, and Piercing the Darkness. i really want to read House (not about Hugh Laurie’s character) which Frank wrote with Ted Dekker. considering that i love the style of both writers, it should be one heck of a book. a scary one as well, taking into account the movie that was made based on this novel. i really liked the Oath, and the Darkness series were awesome too. the Visitation was an interesting novel to read considering that one of the main characters is a burned-out pastor. not your happy-go-lucky Christian who knows all the answers to the Sunday School, but a man with a sense of real-ness. and i really felt bad for Brandon, a wounded (literally) young man who got on a wrong path…

>>>J.K. Rowling

talking about the fact that a rebel wakes up in me when someone starts telling me what to read and what not to… that was my classic story with Harry Potter series. about the time i went to university, the whole shebang about “Christians vs. Potter” started. my best friend from university had the books, so i borrowed a couple just to see what i would think…

well, seven original books and one “Seeking God in Harry Potter” (by John Granger) that i got at Naz General Assembly back in 2005, i think that there’s nothing so bad about the books. actually, there’s a lot of good stuff (just like Granger’s book states) and even my mom came to a conclusion that saying that a book is bad without reading it is silly.

and with all the respect for my dear pastor, i still argue with him once in a while that it’s a good series. if Harry Potter is bad, then C.S. Lewis and J.R. Tolkien should be banned as well from the reading lists of Christians. because they also talk about… *gasp*… MAGIC.

>>>Dan Brown

as the saying goes, “black PR is PR nonetheless.” the Vatican and Christians all around got so noisy about this silly book that they made it into a bestseller. and i bought the book just to read and say that i do not agree with it or that it’s just a fiction. i liked Dan’s style and afterwards got all his books (except the Lost Symbol – haven’t had a chance to read that one yet), but to say that he claimed that his books were true? c’mon… they are F-I-C-T-I-O-N, fiction. my grandma and mom taught me that if you want to stop someone from picking on you or teasing about something, just ignore them because they might be just jealous or something. same here – protesting so much that Jesus didn’t get married or that Mary Magdalene was among the initial disciples… does it really matter for salvation? i mean, REALLY matter? i believe that He was the Son of God and God, and that He came to save the world. and talking about his disciples or marriage only takes away the attention from what really matters.

and there are many other writers that i could go on about forever since i’ve read a lot, but we’ll stop here for now. maybe one day i’ll continue the series.

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