[letters, sentences, chapters, books.]

[letters, sentences, chapters, books.]

“When you sell a man a book, you don’t sell him 12 ounces of paper and ink and glue – you sell him a whole new life.”

Christopher Morley, American writer and editor, 1890-1957

almost as long as i remember myself, i remember books all around me. from what i’ve been told i have learned to read myself, after asking mom and grandma to explain what those little curlies meant. i think i was about 4 at the time.

my first book was… Faster than Ambulance. it was a small 50-page book that talked about the basics of first aid and i remember someone gave it to mom and i when we were walking around downtown Kyiv one time. at first i liked the pictures and then i decided that i want to know more than what pictures can show me. not sure if it was before or right then when i decided that i want to be a doctor. i honestly am not sure how many times i have read that lil manual. i still have it.

since then, a whole new life presented itself to me. or more like, lives. like i am lost in movies sometimes, i can get lost in a good book and not even know what is going on around me. i am addicted to reading. nothing brings me more earthly pleasure than opening a brand new book you’ve been waiting for, leaning closely, and inhaling that sweet intoxicating aroma of ink and paper. although i do want myself a Kindle when i’ll be able to afford it, nothing can be a substitute for a real book.

in the beginning of the year i tried to keep track of all the books that i’ve read. silly me… i gave up after 4 months. i just kept forgetting to enter new books that i was reading. but there were a few that i highly recommend for reading.

>>>Dean Koontz

oh, one of my top two favorite authors.

although there is a saying “never judge the book by its cover”, i have to confess that it’s exactly what i do sometimes (at least when i don’t know the author). the cover or the name of the book should pique my interest and then i’ll start reading it. the first Koontz’s book that i picked up (in a tiny “library” at my office) was called Forever Odd. considering that i am viewed as odd by a lot of people (not in a bad way, just a misfit), that name grabbed my attention. i am happy it did – i found “my kind” of writer.

there are numerous books that he wrote, but the best ones that i’ve read are:

  • Odd Thomas
  • Forever Odd
  • Brother Odd
  • The Darkest Evening of the Year
  • The Good Guy
  • Frankenstein: Prodigal Son
  • Frankenstein: The City of Night

his books are mystery thrillers and although i’ve been told that it was easy to guess where it all is going, i don’t think so. and his descriptions of the scenery… awww… even Ted Dekker (my second top favorite author) cannot describe the scenery that well. yet, anyways. he makes you almost feel the suspense and the surroundings. awesome writer. i cannot wait until the third Frankenstein book gets in my hands, as well as Odd Hours (also from Odd Thomas series)

Check his books out at his official website.

>>>Ted Dekker

already mentioned him. i stumbled upon that guy’s writings accidentally. a friend of mine got a book from the library (Thr3e) and i was bored in the class, so i started reading that book. that was a couple of years ago. this April i finally got my first Dekker’s book (or books – it was 3-in-1) called Circle Trilogy (Black, Red, White…).

i don’t think i read anything that described Christian faith so well without stating that it’s a Christian book. the book was about different characters. yet, the central idea was Gospel. and he made it alive. while Koontz is a master of perfectly describing the physical scenery of the book and the thinking, Dekker is a master of spiritual battles within the person. and love… oh, he can describe love so well that you almost feel like you’re lifted above the ground by the wings of that love.

i have read a few of his books, but they all were great. i am slightly confused about Green, but in the light of the entire Circle series, it makes sense… in a way. so here’s the list of recommends:

  • Black (Circle series) – the entire series are wonderful.
  • Red (Circle series)
  • White (Circle series)
  • Green (Circle series)
  • Thr3e (stand-alone book – a thriller)
  • Adam (a Christian thriller… yes, those exist)
  • When Heaven Weeps (Martyr’s song series) – OH SO GOOD!
  • Heaven’s Wager (Martyr’s Song series) – haven’t finished yet, but good as well.

Check his books out at his official website.

>>>William P. Young

i am not sure if he wrote any other books besides his Shack, but that one was better than 5 average books. why? because it took away the standard ways of looking at the Bible and God and gave a glimpse of real reality. at least it felt real.

Check the book out at the official website.

>>>David S. Hayes

so far, one book published, we’ll see how it goes. but i think Runaway Pastor will find a lot of supporters, simply because the story told in that book is painfully familiar to most of us who spent our lives in or around Church. which one of us never thought of running away and starting a whole new life? (or maybe there are people like that, who like everything the way it is… not me)…

Check Runaway out at David’s website or click here to read the Amazon reviews.

>>>Cornelia Funke

a German writer. i went to my favorite Paperback Heaven bookstore to get something to read and couldn’t decide for the longest time what to read. i was completely out of books and i needed something big. that was the first thing that attracted me in Inkheart – it was a thick book. second thing that attracted me was that it was a children’s book, a fairy-tale complete with fairies and glass men and other creatures. third thing – the setting was our world, our time, and our people. so i bought it. not long ago i bought the sequel – Inkspell. now need to buy the third book – Inkdeath. wonderful books and although they seem fairytailish sometimes, they still have serious lessons in them to learn.

you might know a movie by the same name, Inkheart, with Brendan Fraser as one of the main characters.

those are just a few authors whose books i’ve read this year, but the most prominent. there were many others, yet these ones were the best.

well, and i have to call it a night and go to bed before i start reading something.

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