[evenings and mornings]

[evenings and mornings]

why is it that when the night falls i start to feel blue? longing for the sun (unless there’s moon to make the desire for sunlight more tolerable)… the thoughts that come are usually blue too. why is it that people spend wakeful nights pondering about the problems instead of spending that time during the day and sleeping at night?


and i’ve noticed another thing. no matter how dire the situation seemed at night (which was a few hours ago, to think about it), in the morning sunlight, everything seems a lot more cheerful and solutions become obvious.

there is a saying in Russian (and probably in English as well), “the morning is wiser than the evening”… it seemed like an easy excuse for my grandma and mom when i was a kid. “c’mon, i don’t want to wait for the morning, i want the answers NOW. what will change after i sleep? nothing.”…. and yet, things changed. somehow.

the morning is wiser than the evening. and God created them both.

It is good to proclaim your unfailing love in the morning, your faithfulness in the evening.

Psalm 92:2

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