[random thought attack]

[random thought attack]

in my bathroom, there’s a basket with different reading material. mostly the collection consists of magazines like What’s ON, WindowsVista, LQ, and a couple of others. there is also a book – A Practical Grammar for Classical Hebrew…

i took an old Hebrew class just before my freshman year in university over 6 years ago. mom needed to take that class for her Seminary studies and i decided to tag along. since then, once in a while i try to brush up on Hebrew, in order not to forget it completely.

as i tried to do one of the simpler exercises in the beginning of the book that teaches about basic articles like “a king,” “the king,” “to a king,” “to the king,” etc., i stumbled upon a word…  “meadam” – “from adam”. is it just me or that word reminds of another, quite popular French word?

madame. a word for a woman that literally means “from Adam.”

i’ve looked up the etymology of the word madam, but all the links lead to Latin language and not Hebrew… yet i can’t help but wonder.

on the other hand, i might be stating the obvious.

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