[little problems; big blessings.]

[little problems; big blessings.]

my “adventures” already became a joke for my friend Tonya… every time something happens, we just can’t help but laugh and wonder what will happen next – because there is always next time and every time it’s something even more bizarre than before.

by “adventures” i mean the accidents i manage to run into… and walk unscathed.

my entire 23-years-long life seems to be filled with those. almost drowning in a swamp when i was just 3 (and being saved by two guys who happened to come along… for some reason my 3-year-old mind defined them as hunters… which they were not, but to this day i joke that they were hunters…)…

…meeting a side mirror of a trolleybus with my head… the mirror broke. i got into the trolleybus and went to university. i did have a headache, but no concussion or anything like that…

…getting into a car accident and leaving only with a minor bump on my head (whereas my friend with whom we bumped heads together had a concussion)…

today i am adding to that list. as i was sitting on my couch, dressing for the work, i heard glass breaking and then something heavy hit me on the head. i looked back – on my couch there were big pieces of glass – broken pieces of my overhead lamp. i touched my head, fully expecting to see blood there, but there wasn’t any. it’s bizarre even to me and i lived through the experience – glass fell on my head and all i ended up with was a tiny scratch (and a bruise, but that doesn’t really count).

the post was called little problems, big blessings. my problems (so far, anyway) were quite minor. but to experience them and be able to contemplate what might have happened – i cannot NOT thank God for granting me yet another day to live and enjoy this life.

even when there seems to be nothing to be thankful for… there is always SOMETHING. at least that’s what i think and that’s what i try to apply in my own life (not always i want to look for something good in bad stuff – wallowing in self-pity is way easier, but i am trying).

so… i am alive. and except for a slight headache, i am well.

Praise God! 🙂

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