[secret message of Jesus]

[secret message of Jesus]

forgive me for saying what’s on my mind… but i am sick of people who keep talking about “the secret message of Jesus.”

believers and non-believers alike, like kids who decided to play CIA or NSA, thinking they have finally stumbled upon a treasure.

dang it, what’s so secret about Jesus’ message???

yes, over centuries we have taken Jesus’ message and molded it into something digestible, something that makes us feel cozy and content.

yes, that was NOT the purpose of Jesus’ message.

but to say that there was a secret about His teachings? c’mon now, it’s like saying you believe in what Dan Brown wrote in Da Vinci Code. the book was good, but use your head! it was a work of fiction. secret codes and passages and teachings and hidden meanings…

why complicate the message so much? it’s like the message is so simple that we’re bored with it – so we invent the frills and complications. wasn’t that what Pharisees did when they came up with 603 additional commandments, besides the original 10 that God gave Moses?

Jesus’ message was LOVE.

that’s why Jesus said that we should be like children. they love unconditionally. yes, they know how to pull strings, but they will love you even if you won’t do exactly what they were yelling for.

it is adults who like to complicate the matter. and the stakes are higher because there are more options.

“this is a person with wrong morals, you should not be seen with them.”

“oh, he did not do what i asked for? fine! see what i’ll do.”

“he betrayed me.”

and i am struggling as well. but i am just trying to understand why people are trying to find something secret about Jesus’ message.

He created us… because of His love.

He was born here… because of His love.

He lived His life as an example for us to follow… because of His love.

He died… because of His love.

He rose… because of His love.

He is waiting because He still loves us.

and i might be wrong, but i think that was His message.


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