[what would you do…]

[what would you do…]

…if you had to either kill someone or renounce Christ? (when there is no third option)

the easy way out would be to say “no, i don’t believe”… after all, these are only words. or are they?

i’ve started reading Ted Dekker’s Martyr’s Song series book called When Heaven Weeps. and faced the question of what would i do if i were in the shoes of Nadia, a thirteen year-old girl, or Father Michael, a priest…

would i hide, remain silent, or would i come forward and speak, even though i might get killed? even though i will get killed?

i hope and pray that if situation like that will arise, i would remain strong in my faith. i so want Him to look at me and say “well done, Zee“…

* * *

also… Ted Dekker writes in a way that make the words seem more delicious than the best dessert and often when i am reading i am tempted to read out loud, just to taste the words… and i do read out loud. at one bizarre moment… i was reading a song that a man was singing… and realized that i am actually humming a tune! i knew the song, even though i could not understand where have i heard it!

Sing O son of Zion

Shout O child of mine

Rejoice with all your heart and soul and mind!

Sing O daughter of Zion

Cry out O child of mine

Dance with all the strength that you can find

For you are finally home.

now that i looked the lyrics online, the connection is quite obvious… it’s Todd Agnew’s song called Martyr’s Song. one of my favorite ones because it just makes the heart swell with glorious anticipation of the homecoming…

finally home.

how much joy will fill me then if even now when i only think and dream about that, it makes me feel like i am floating on the air and about to burst from the delight?

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