life is not fair. i said it, you said it, most people in this world have stated that…

we yearn for fairness yet we sometimes forget that if we would get only what we deserve… we would be dead.

continuing on the subject of undeserved things that we get…

i don’t like it when someone gets blamed for my mistakes. at least people i care about.

back in the school it seemed like a cool useful thing. i could do whatever and the teacher would still think that it was my neighbor who did that, not me. sometimes, i am ashamed to admit, i even staged those situations.

not anymore. i guess i grew up or maybe it was because of something else… but now it makes me cringe when people think that i am an angel and therefore not capable of making mistakes.

for my mom i am always the best of the best. but she’s my mom so she’s prejudiced, in a way. yet, when it comes to her comparing my friends and myself, we end up arguing because i try to protect them and remind mom that i am not perfect. i am human, even though i am her daughter.

our deputy director also likes me for unknown reasons… and blames others for my mistakes. O_o…. it sucks. a friend of mine got fried today because of silly reasons… and if anyone was to be blamed for that, it was ME. i collected the Weekly. i made it. and today i couldn’t even do anything to help my friend out.

so, although i am scared to receive only what i deserve, it makes sense… and there’s no stupid sense of guilt then.

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