[figuring out…]

[figuring out…]

lately i keep hearing / reading about sufferings in the lives of Christians and how we should relate to it.

“if we accepted good things from God,” said Job to his wife “won’t we also accept the bad things?”

he was a bit off because God wasn’t the creator of the bad things (even though He did allow them to happen to Job), but the statement was (and is) true.

faith isn’t faith when it only is present when everything is going perfect.

but… is it easier to believe in God when everything is going great or when there are trials?

the obvious answer would be “when everything’s great, it’s easy to believe God’s love and care.”

is it really?

maybe i am odd (well, i am), but for me it seems that when everything is going great and smooth, you don’t even stop to think WHO is the reason of all this greatness (unless these good times come after a time of trials)…

and it is when something is wrong that it’s easier to believe that God is there. not just because He is the last resort for seeking answers to the question “Why?” but rather because of my past experiences with bad stuff – when you have no one else to rely upon, when you are helpless yourself… it’s wonderful to know that there is Someone who is so strong and mighty and who cares.

so… i don’t know… maybe i am just a young kid who doesn’t understand how life goes or whatever… but i know one thing – God is good and although sometimes i argue with Him regarding the methods, deep down i know that He knows what He’s doing.

and that gives me peace.

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